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Ms. Jennifer Obaseki


Holding a BA in Law and Economics, she founded – Obaseki Solicitors and is the senior partner. With her successes in representing clients with difficult immigration and human rights matters spreading internationally, the practice is considered to have leading influence.The firm specialises and is dedicated to improving human rights , family rights as well as assisting clients to develop successful businesses- they have acquired anumber of awardsand extensive testimonials.


Dr. Comfort Momoh MBE

FGM/Public Health Specialist

FGM National Coordinator

Tel: 02071886872/07956542576


Alimatu Dimonekene BA Hons

Alimatu Dimonekene BA Hons Third World and International Development Studies with Sociology –

A Community Activist and founder of ProjectACEi, an Action group empowering women and girls. The organizations seeks to that help facilitate greater working relationships between professionals and communities to end Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Winner of the True Hero Award 2015 for her work in campaigning and tackling FGM. Alimatu works extensively with agencies such as UN Women (UK), the Home Office, Met Police, NHS, NSPCC and other authorities in safeguarding girls and women at risk from the practice. Has trained over 3000 professionals and practitioners in identifying women and girls at risk of harmful traditional practice.



Sarah is founder and Director of the Bedford based charity ACCM (UK) which supports and works to improve the health and wellbeing of BME communities. Originally from Uganda, she is a graduate with a BA in Economics and Public Policy, post graduate Diploma in International Marketing Masters in Public Health with broad experience on social policy issues. A specialist in FGM and other illegal harmful traditional practices, Sarah works across the UK raising awareness about their serious lifelong and legal implications to grassroots communities and professionals. She contributed to the review and promotion of the new FGM ACT 2003 in England and Wales and supported Scotland in the review and launch of Scottish FGM 2005. She is a member of various inter-Government Stakeholder Forums on Forced Marriage, Honour Based Violence, Female Genital Mutilation and Domestic Violence. She represented the UK at the 2005 United National Commission on the Status of Women and is a Board member of the European Network for the Prevention and Eradication of Harmful Traditional Practices (EURONET-FGM).



My name is Joycelyn Hayford, an African woman. I am married and a Christian.
I was born and bred in Ghana, West Africa.I currently live in the London Borough of Hackney.
I work for a leading FGM grassroot campaigning organisation called the Black Women’s Health & Family Support,(BWHAFS) a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee based in Tower Hamlets established in 1982 by a group Somali Women.
I am currently the Operations Director of the organisation. Through my work at BWHAFS I have established good links with community groups, charities and voluntary organisations within and outside the borough.
My 21 years of workingwith BWHAFS has enhanced my skills, experience and knowledge in FGM awareness raising, managing people, financial management, and fundraising.
I hold a degree in Social Policy and Management (MSc Hons).
A degree in Individual and Community Empowerment (ICE)
Business Administration
Health & Social Care
I am currently a board member of a small charity based in Tower Hamlets called Simple Gifts offering support for women and children in Tower Hamlets.
My interest is making a difference in my community by educating and equipping women to be self sufficient. Safeguarding women and children from any form of abuse and harm.
My hobbies are reading inspirational books and watching inspirational movies