About us


Who we are

We Accredit Represent and Support our Members and Ensure best practice in the goal to prevent and end all forms of Gender Based Violence. Also  promoting the highest professional standards and legal protection for victims.

The Association prides itself in ensuring that both its potential victims and victims have tools, support and services i.e. the basics to achieve self empowerment.

Who we help

Our experienced professionals support front line workers, organisations and victims.   Our services include We offer services in a methodical, caring manner these include: , emotional and psychological support, shelter, advice, training, counselling and referrals.

We help victims in gaining back their confidence by providing bespoke emotional and practical support for them to survive. We will provide the basic support right from the initial stage right through to counselling and beyond. Our support allows the family /children to be nurtured in a safe and positive environment

We ensure professionals are best informed in risk factors and current legislation by  developing leading courses, conference and events for networking. This ensures our members can better co-ordinate together on procedures, share best practice, navigating legislation policy so they are best equipped on the front line of the fight against GBV.

Due to the fact that we embody the leading experts sin the country our assessments , evaluation and referrals are second to none .

What we do


Management and Tendering

Legal Advice

  • Immigration and Human Rights
  • Civil and Criminal Litigation
  • Personal Injury
  • Family Law
  • Child Law
  • Employment law
  • Contract and Commercial Law
  • Housing Law
  • Public Law
  • Medical Law and Ethics

We work with families/Children  to help them secure Shelter and housing the benefits and grants they are legitimatelyeligible for , sorting out accommodation problems and helping families to get re-housed in the area key to their healing so as to not to disrupt children’s education

Medical Assessments and Referrals

We have experts/professionals as our members and also have access to most of the services of the local authorities health packages that would be beneficial to victims. We through our expert gives referrals for surgical reconstruction for victims of Assault, Domestic Violence, Female Genital mutilation so that they are restored back to the way they were before


Leading CPD Accredited Course with relevant application , real life case studies and follow up contact so that you can get continued support  when cascading . Sessions can also be held in house and bespoke to deal with major issues

Research & Development

The Association continues to monitor the effectiveness of legislation and policy. Recording global social trends and risk factors are essential to combat GBV are also up-to-date and effective. Our association believes it is essential to ensure legislation and provision put in place by government continues to be effective and positively effects victims. The Association continues to check best practice globally


Our expert team are on hand to give great information and advice on any type of violence and referrals and also help potential victims and victims on the best global plan of action to take towards healing emotionally and psychologically

Therapeutic Counselling

We through our experts  provide tailored support for  victims and families and help resolve their feelings, beliefs, relationship issues and other variety of emotional, behavioural concerns  by providing support and addressing the difficulties which this type of violence leaves on victims


We through our expert gives referrals for surgical reconstruction for victims of Domestic Violence Genital Mutilation so that they are restored back to the way they were before


Our experienced team helps potential victims and victims through their legal processes and hurdle by advising, filing and making appearances if need be. For example, We would go the extra mile to ensure that we take legal injunctions to protect victims. We ensure our members and experts are abreast of current legislation and many are  directly or indirectly involved in lobbying , drafting and consultation of legislation directly effecting victims  of gender based violence. Are professionals are also involved in the prosecution of perpetrators and provisions available to victims

Social and welfare

Provision of  assessments, support, services including referrals for victims and families of gender based violence. We do not just stop there, we also make sure victims have access to adequate counselling and have option of reconstruction/cosmetic surgery if need be.